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Install a ceiling fan in loft. Fan to drop approx 10' from a 20' ceiling. Wire and switch already exist.

Jonathan F

We have 2 sets of flouresent lights in our Kitchen which has a vaulted ceiling. I have replaced the bulbs but the lights only come on dim or not at all. We would like to have them repaired.

Brian J

I need power run from house (residential) electical meter to the garage to bypass the commercial meter currently there.

Peter F

How much would it cost to install four 6-inch recessed light cans in a 2nd-story bedroom ceiling and wire them to the existing wall switch? There is a small attic above this room. 


We need to install a ceiling fan in our master bedroom. Would you supply a ceiling fan & install it? Please call me at your earliest convinence. Thank you

Paulette K

I need an outside (on the house) light fixture replaced; something is wrong with it--lightbulbs burn out quickly whenever I replace them. The socket is not stable; it turns. I will buy the fixture; I want to know how much to install it to replace the fixture already there (on the garage between the garage doors).

Roger O

The recent storms have pulled/loosened the power line away from my house. Two years it was pulled off the house and AEP put it back but not very well. I need a estimate to attach the line securely to the house. Also will I need to get AEP to shut off the power to my house while this is being done? Thanks,

John M

Squirels in my attic have eaten through the wire that gives power to the outlets in my bedroom room. Need the wires repaired.

Victoria A

Breaker keeps tripping from microwave turn on. Turns off kitchen lights, small appliance outlets, and my computer in living room. Tried turning off/on breaker multiple times today - still can't turn on kitchen lights.

Frederica C

Need electrical wiring and Fuse box

Nigel P